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ghosts 2013

Educating Mao

7 Mar

Subject: ghosts

Hello Mary
We have had a bit of trouble with Mother.

 She was seen by the tenants in the Stout St house wandering around the rooms. They were getting strange feelings every time they walked passed the cupboard in the garage and when they looked in there they found mothers ashes box. I had to go and get the box, assure them that it was empty and Mother was under a tree.

What Becks and I have worked out is when we put Frank's ashes on top of Mother, she dug herself franticly out, travelled back to the house then crawled into the ashes box. I brought the box home and put it on the deck with the hole facing the river so she could get out, make her way down to the sea and hopefully rest in peace.

You will be pleased the house is no longer haunted.

She could be swimming to Sumner right now. You may hear her calling in the waves.


Subject: re: ghosts

Hi Paul and Dawn
I wish I hadn't read that email late at night! Very spooky – were they serious about seeing Mum?

If so that is very freaky!! Now when I'm swimming I will have to keep watch, not just for sharks, but for Mum as well!