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June 2011

Educating Mao

1 June

Subject: Who knows?

Hi Mary
Ami started her period a week later than normal and was bleeding and aching more than normal.

In her last email she seems fine. I don't know if this had anything to do with me. She made reference to an abortion but to a Chinese fellow in the past. So she said she knew the pregnancy symptoms which happened again.
But her home kit test did not show pregnancy signs.

Who knows?

She is forty four. But she told me women in China have babies up to the age of forty eight.

Subject: fall-out from my missing classes

Dear Dad,
More fall-out from my missing classes. Julie rang up in a pique because I said she had given me permission to go to the hospital.
I snapped back: "I have my livelihood to consider!"
No man can ever convince a woman on that one if her mind is made up.

I was directed to see Jessie. Jessie was very nice. Everything that could have gone wrong with me at the college yesterday went wrong. Students came to three classes without – except the last twenty minutes – a teacher.

Jackson is now quite pleasant.
Helen is thrilled that I have the medical documents. That college had to take precedence over ChengGong.

I had two classes today. In the evening I faxed another scanned document to Helen.

Then I saw a cultural performance by the English club.
Love from Lloyd

2 June

Subject: Have you had your trip to Xi-An?

Dear Ami
I am worried that you haven't written to me.
Have you had your trip to Xi-An? I have three days holiday Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I am looking forward to being with you this long weekend.
Huggs Lloyd

3 June

Subject: had to give up the trip to Xi-An

Dear Lloyd,
I had to give up the trip to Xi-An, because the group went to Xi-An by bus instead of train, but I have a very bad carsick.

I'd be glad to spend the weekend with you. but I have to work in Sat. afternoon and Sun. morning. If we plan to go somewhere far away from the town by then , I'll change my shift with my co-worker.

I rememberd that you told me that you'd have Sat., Sun. and Mon. off. I tried to sent the photos in sauna, but failed . They are nice photos.

When will be here in Luoyang then? Whenever you come, plz ring me.

Btw, I wrote back to you, but when I tried it to you, I found that my line didn't connect. (3 computer shared one line). Sorry.

Subject: we should go to a nice place

Dear Ami
I can come over any time this long weekend. As you suggested, we should go to a nice place and spend the night together out of Luoyang.

You friend Tina can come too. However I have to consider my income. So I can pay for you only. I am sure you understand.

Must go.
Huggs Lloyd

Subject: the train to East Luoyang

Dear Lloyd,
How about you getting off the train at the East Luoyang Train Station, where I saw you off. It's cost a little bit less and not crowded.

If it's no problem, I might go to visit my aunty after work and stay with her for a couple of hours and then I go to meet you at the station which takes me only 5 mins by bike and 10 mins on foot to get there from my aunty's.

If it's a problem, please get off the train at the station as you usually do. I'll meet you there.

Please let me know when will u be there.

Subject: the train to East Luoyang

Dear Ami
I will get off the train at the East Luoyang train station.
I will take the 2.14 k125 train from Gongyi on Saturday.

So looking forward to being with you.
Huggs Lloyd

Subject: one class on Thursday

Dear Dad,
I had one class on Thursday. In the afternoon I went to Good Coffee restaurant, then to the supermarket and bought yogurt.

In the evening I got an email from Julie that the documents for severance from ChengGong were ready. I will email scanned coies to Helen. After her approval, I will courier them to the new college Shanghai office.

I went to my Italian style cafe down the road to celebrate. I am always made welcome by Mandy, a waitress there. Last semester she was my student.
I met Daniel at the road crossing when I was returning. We returned together to the cafe.

We commiserated the state of the western world and the emasculation of western men.
Love from Lloyd

Subject: three classes today

Dear Dad,
I had three classes today. My worst class is the last one on Friday afternoon. Most don't show up. At this stage I am rather glad.

I got from Julie the required documents. I emailed Helen that I will send scanned copies on Tuesday afternoon to her to check out before I courier them. I got an immediate reply that she is enthused.

I met Daniel at the cafe in the evening. We had beers and food.

Monday is a Chinese holiday because of the dragon boat festival. I will be going to Luoyang in the afternoon to meet Ami on Saturday. Your next email may not come until Tuesday morning.

I got an email from Mary. She remains distressed about the quakes and the death of her cat.
Love from Lloyd

Subject: we live in constant fear

Hmmm. It is very unlikely that somone would feel any pregnancy signs so early. I would strongly suggest you take precautions so that this doesn't happen again though. At 44yrs there are also lots of complication not just during the pregnancy but also chances of Downs syndrome increase rapidly after aged 35.

So my advice would be to take things more slowly! As you are about to leave the country are you able to support Ami in Korea?

Things here aren't getting much better with an announcement this week that we have a 23% chance of another 6-7 sized earthquake in the next 12 months. So we live in constant fear, although most people are just now trying to ignore it and get on with their lives. It is difficult though as all the poor central business owners can't even get into their properties.

I have two more weeks out in Lincoln then it is exam week, then a months break until next semester when we return to our city campus. I am not looking forward to being back in the same building where I was on Feb 22nd.

Grace is doing well now and after a few tear counselling sessions at school she is now able to travel on the № 3 bus. She wasn't on the bus that got hit as her bus was going out of town and the other one was in town.

Trevor set off on Wednesday for 26 days around the world. I will miss him, especially so as this week our darling dog, Buffy, died. I had to rush her to the after-hours vet after she became unwell during the night. The vet x-rayed her and found a massive tumour on her spleen which had ruptured causing internal bleeding. She was in a very bad way so I had to make the decision to put her to sleep. It was an awful night and the house is not the same without her.

I hope you are well and enjoying the last of your teaching.
Love Mary

Subject: the Institute of Real History

Hi Mary,
In some aspects of ordinary life I am incredibly ignorant. I did not know that women could have babies by forty four. I suspect Downs syndrome happens much less in China. I haven't had communication from Ami for a few days and am a bit worried. Maybe she has imagined the whole thing. That would be the happiest solution. She is the artistic flighty sort. That suits me fine. I suppose you are referring to condoms. There are issues relating to my age or possibly a medical condition that stops me using condoms.

I recall your much loved Manutuke cat, Buffy. I don't think you know dog Tessa was named after a turkey chick that I adored when I was fifteen. A stray cat got it. In those days you just shrugged it off and wept inside. I have plans to make that story into part of a short story.

You don't seem to have the facts right about my career in China. I am in China not Korea. I am staying on in China but moving to a much better salary and conditions in a Polytech near Beijing. The University did not renew my contract. What's new? Yet they praised me for my results. I am afraid if you are a white male you are a machine. The retard boys had their revenge on my making them work or trying to by giving me a low assessment. The last time Chinese boys assessed their teachers was in their cultural revolution. This western one will be more deadly because it is more insidious.

When I retire from work after Dad departs, I will publish a book Why Johnny Chan Can't Speak English. I will send it to the IHR publishing house in America. It they won't publish, I will put it on my website. So far we can get away with this! The more they enslave us, the more freedom they give us. So far!

The IHR is an acronym for the Institute of Real History. It moves beyond the World War Two NATO enforced official history in our text books. It was burnt down in a spectacular fire in 1984 in America. The police blamed a Government operation. Israel no doubt.

4 June

Subject: Train station address

Dear Lloyd
I'll sent the Chinese of the East Luoyang Train Station to your cell phone. Then you can ask one of your students to write it down on a piece of paper so you can show it to the train tickts seller.

If it's difficult for you to recognize the East Luoyang Train Station, you can also show the paper to a young girl who might tell you when to get off the train.
Love Ami.

Subject: Greetings from Dad

Dear Lloyd
Here I am at Paul & Dawn's apartment for lunch and I am dictating this email to Dawn.

Thank you for all the emails you have sent which Dawn has printed for me to read.

Glad to hear you are making friends over there. It is always very comforting for the “old folks at home” to know that you have friends who can help in times of emergency.

I am very comfortably settled here now and I have 6 lovely ladies looking after me. Four of them are provided by the CCS who have a contract with the government. The others I pay for privately. They are all excellent workers and I have nothing but praise for them.

For a typical example: At 7am I am awakened by Elizabeth who is a fully trained nurse. In fact she was a midwife in Gisborne for some years. Her first job is to detach me from my pipes and bucket connected to my catheter. The hospital sent me word that in a couple of weeks they will remove the catheter. I will be very glad when it is gone.
My other ladies are mostly retired nurses and they put me to bed at night and get me up in the morning.

Last night I had a slight mishap. I went to the toilet to empty my bag and as I was stupidly balancing on one leg to do it, I tumbled over backwards and landed on the floor. It was quite an effort to get back to bed.

Paul took me to the doctor and I have had the wounds on my arm repaired and I have to have them re-dressed on Tuesday.

All good wishes Lloyd and love from here in Gisborne.

7 June

Subject: i forget my passport

Dear Dad,
I spent the long weekend with Ami at a salt lake city five hours by train from Luoyang. The salt lake turned out to be a have. The lake was almost drained of water and is no longer used for swimming.

Ami was furious with me for forgetting to bring my passport. At the last hour she said we can risk it. I had no problem booking into a hotel. But next time I will take my old invalid passport and photocopies of relevant pages of my valid one. We returned to Luoyang by bus.

Today I had three classes as I caught up in the evening with one class that I had not attended in last Tuesday's disaster.

I now have the documents approved by Helen after I sent them as scanned attachments. She teletext me the Shanghai address in Chinese and I will courier them on Wednesday morning. Ami taught me how to teletext which I now find very useful.

I had to go back to the old apartment in Luoyang as the lady and her daughter could not find the key for a fortnight that I had slipped under the door. I found it in a few minutes. It had slipped under the apartment floor.

That gives me a good indication why things go so mysteriously missing in China.
Love from Lloyd

9 June

Subject: you can stay at my apartment

Dear Ami
The gate-keeper Jackson has told me you can without any difficulties stay at my apartment on Sunday. So I propose I come to Luoyang on Saturday morning.

That evening we go to the Grand Hotel club and meet other teachers from my college who are celebrating birthdays. Then we stay the night at the sauna with the swimming pool. I will bring my togs and cap.

On Sunday morning we take the train the half-hour journey to Gongyi. We shop in Gongyi. Later we come to my college apartment. It is a large roomy place.

On Sunday evening we have dinner with Daniel and his Chinese wife at a cafe down the road. It is sort of Italian and serves salads and beers. That night I take you back to the railway station for your return to Luoyang.

We will have lots of things to do!
Huggs Lloyd

Subject: my foreign expert certificate

Dear Dad,
Today I had one class. When I returned, I found an email message from Helen that the couriered documents had arrived at the Shanghai office. She now asked for a scanned copy of my foreign expert certificate.

Julia had insisted I give it to her. I got to her office after two pm and staff found it. I took it to the printer and scanned it to Helen. I emailed Helen that Julie wants it and should I give it to her. Julie had said she was going to post it to the Immigration Office which alarms me. I will do what Helen says. Schools hold these documents to stop their teachers running away.

Later I went to the college. I couldn't find a book to take out. The good ones are restricted to the library shelves.

"Hammer of the Scots"

I returned home and ate the left overs from the cafe dinner the night before.
Then I read the Wikipedia histories of the English Kings, Edward Ⅱ and Edward Ⅲ.

King Edward Ⅱ

Edward Ⅱ was a queen in a decadent court. In his Kingship England suffered its greatest defeat in Scotland. That is the story of Brave Heart.
It sounds like the American military today.

King Edward Ⅲ

Edward Ⅲ restored English power and started the Hundred Years War. He was the victor at the battle of Crecy and father of the Black Prince.

The Black Prince

I can now like your mother recite all the English sovereigns from King Harold to the present one.
Love from Lloyd

Subject: I have antagonised daniel

Dear Dad,
Today I had three classes. The last was from seven pm to catch up for the class missed last week.

After the third class I went down the road to the cafe for dinner. My former student kept loading me with food. I put some of it in a bag and took it to my apartment. As I was entering the college. I heard 'Lloyd'. It was Jackson the third at the back of a motor bike coming into the college.

Then Hassan and Daniel entered. Daniel gave me a disdainful wave. I have somehow antagonised him. He had sent me an email accusing me of being arrogant. I can't think of a less appropriate word . When I see my retard male students, I see myself. I can't master even an elementary Chinese like the other teachers and so cannot communicate with them.

This morning I had couriered the documents to the Australian agency in Shanghai and teletext Helen that they are on their way. The evening before she had teletext the address in Chinese.
Love from Lloyd

10 June

Subject: where is the Grand Hotel Club

Dear Lloyd,
Do you know where is the Grand Hotel Club?
I never heard of it.

Subject: I will find out Friday night

Dear Ami
I will find out Friday night. I am going to dinner with the boys.

I will send you a text message when I am in Luoyang.
After your work, we can meet at the train station.

I will be bringing my old passport and my swimming costume.
I am getting a special place prepared for your arrival in Gongyi on Sunday!

Subject: Today I had three classes

Dear Dad
Today I had three classes. Jackson said Julie had contacted him and insisted I return the foreign expert certificate. It is now back in the administrative office.

In the evening I went with the teachers to celebrate a dual birthday. We had dinner on a sampan boat on the Yellow river. The food, fish and chicken, was killed by the local fishing village and immediately served up to us. We also had Mongolian distilled milk spirit.
Daniel was there as gloomy as ever.

Tomorrow I will be in Luoyang with Ami. So you will not likely get an email tomorrow.
Love from Lloyd

11 June

Subject: From Dad

Dear Lloyd,
Here I am at Harbour View Apartments having lunch with Paul & Dawn. I really appreciate this lunch and the real home cooking.

It is a cold dreary day outside with low cloud but no wind. I have read your emails and am just wondering who this Daniel is and what part does he play in your life? I understand the women, Helen and Julie are part of the administration of the schools.

I had to go to the doctor with my damaged arms and yesterday the relieving doctor put me on to a course of antibiotics. Quite a big number and I am to take them until finished. The nurses at the clinic have been very kind and helpful.

I had to replace my total mobility card at the District Council office and the taxi driver was the wife of Tom Brodie. You would remember him at Makaraka School. She runs a taxi service called “Driving Miss Daisy” after the film.

When we got to the District Council it was raining heavily and she told me to stay in the car while she went with my papers into the office. And then she escorted the man behind the counter out to the car with a camera and I was photographed. Almost as much trouble as to get a licence to fly a 747!

They wanted to charge me another $10 but Driving Miss Daisy made them feel so ashamed of themselves that they said they would not charge.

I think my elbow which is the offending one and has the antibiotic will be okay tomorrow. I have to go back to the clinic and the nurse will look at it.

I am very glad to see your letters and know that you are functioning well.

All the very best Lloyd.
Love from Dad.

13 June

Subject: earthquake in christchurch

Dear family,
I have just heard of another big quake in Christchurch with injuries. Please report as soon as possible any family news.

We're ok just super scared.
Kind regards
Mary Dimond

Can you give us information as we have no power

What do you mean? What sort of information?

Just anything you were getting on the news –
but its OK as power has just come back on!

I am of course in China. Like the blitz, one day you will look back on this with nostalgia!

Subject: new address

Hi Mary
I read from your previous email that you are still at Lincoln University. Your emails have cleared up a mystery for me. They go to your pocket computer via a bleep.

When I was corresponding with British historian and gaol bird David Irving, I would send him an email, then within a few minutes later a brief reply. His last email broadly hinted he wanted me to send money to maintain his London lifestyle. After that, I got no more.
Because of my travels and writings, I have a public reputation as ‘an international business man’ in Asia.

I really don't know how to console you. These quakes seem to have no predictable science behind them.

Ami came over to my apartment yesterday, Sunday. In the evening I had dinner with her and a teacher friend and his Chinese wife in an Italian type cafe down the road.

When I made an off-the-cuff remark about the girl students ‘loving me’ Ami gave me a very dirty look!

Subject: another massive earthquake

Hi Paul and Dawn,
I have heard there has been another massive earthquake in Christchurch. It is impossible to offer consolation as the seismologists don't seem to have a clue about future events.

Mary seems to have been in some confusion. She sent me an email asking for ‘information’. She seems to have forgotten I am in China. I may have put my foot in it by saying she will look back on these events with nostalgia! They will but perhaps it wasn't the right time.
Like George Orwell saying that about English slums when he never had to live in one.

What have you heard about Dimond affairs in Christchurch? Also can I ask about John and Tan in Thailand. They have been victims too.

One good scene was watching the terror of the Maori phonies at the marae meeting with the new Christchurch recovery tsar. It was so funny. I am also furious the man arrives in a desperate environment and on his first day he is spending at least half the day going through a meeting with Maori corporate heads.
However I daren't say that to Mary.

When you send Dad's emails to me, could you send them via his email?

Subject: Today was a quiet day

Dear Ami
I hope you had an easy trip back to Luoyang. After you left I walked back to the shopping centre. That meant I had enough cash to get back to the college and did not have to use my ATM card.

Today was a quiet day. However I am concerned about another earthquake in my country New Zealand. My sister appears to be in distress. She sent me an email asking for information as she has no electric power. She seemed to have forgotten I live in China. Not like her at all. I sent an email trying to encourage her but perhaps made it worse.

On Saturday I suggest we meet and stay for the swim in the sauna. Then on Sunday we return to Gongyi. This time we walk from the station to the city centre. It takes about five to ten minutes. We do shopping for the apartment.

Then we go back to the College. In the evening we have dinner and drinks with Daniel and wife at the cafe.

This time when you arrive, the apartment will be spic and span.
Just right for a Prince and Princess?
Huggs Lloyd

Subject: I took the train to Luoyang

Dear Dad
On Saturday afternoon I took the train to Luoyang. I met Ami at the railway station. We spent the night at the spa.

On Sunday early afternoon, we returned to Gongyi.
In the evening I had dinner with Ami, Daniel and his wife Dawn at the cafe down the road.
Then Ami took the train back at night to Luoyang.
I returned to the apartment and prepared for the first oral exam on Monday.

Daniel is the American teacher. Helen is my liaison for my new college at Painji.
Love from Lloyd

14 June

Subject: your apartment is horrible

Dear Lloyd,
I got off the train around 11:00 pm and the № 5 buses had run out so I walk home which took me about 1 hour. It's a nice walk in a pleasant weather.

I'm sorry to say that your apartment is horrible and I wish I could help you to cleaned up but it seems that I don't have much time because I work on shiftes.

Has Daniel told you how to get through youtube? Please tell me how.
I love that website very much.

Subject: you will find the apartment lovely and clean

Dear Ami
Next time I will give you taxi money so you can leave from the railway station to your home in a short time.

When you come to Gongyi again, you will find the apartment lovely and clean. It is very airy and has good conditioning. The bedding too will be washed and prepared for a Princess! and a frog. I needed a woman to give me some advice on house cleaning. I have found her!
I will do the housework this Saturday morning.

Hassan had sent me some emails regarding the Grand Hotel visit. They arrived after we left. But I missed them because my inbox in my cellphone was full. I have now emptied it for more messages.

It is now quite hot and pleasant. This morning I attended the graduation ceremony. This evening I will be going to a concert at English Corner.

Youtube is banned in China. However Daniel can advise you how to buy the software that will give you youtube in China.
He will help you out on your next visit.
Huggs Lloyd

Subject: Technical And Vocational College

Dear Dad,
I read on Monday about the two Christchurch earthquakes. I emailed Mary about them and got a prompt reply. She said it is very scary. If there were no children I would say stay. What are their plans?

On request from Panjin college, I couriered my passport to my new college. I now know its name – Technical And Vocational College. That is not encouraging.
I am thinking of doing a crash course in the local Chinese dialect if the college has slow learners.

I did one class in the morning. Then I went into town to Good Coffee restaurant and did my weekly grocery shopping at the supermarket.

It is now exam time.
In the afternoon, I got out of the college library, the autobiography of Mark Twain.
Love from Lloyd

Subject: the graduation ceremony

Dear Dad,
Today I went to the graduation ceremony in the morning. The college founder was there being paraded around in a pope mobile.

In the evening I attended an English Corner concert outside in the campus grounds. I had one class instead of the usual two.

We are now in the examination period.
Love from Lloyd

15 June

Subject: I like walking

Dear Lloyd,
I have got enough money to take a taxi, I just don't like taxi. I like walking. It's better save some money for your trip to Vietnam.

I'm sorry but I don't think I'll go back to Gongyi this weekend. Please plan something else to do for yourself. I'll be very busy this whole week.

Let's see if we can get together next weekend. Ok?

Btw, have you ever heard of the Orphanage in Gongyi which was run by a couple from America?

Subject: sorry you won't come to Gongyi

Dear Ami
I am sorry you won't come to Gongyi this weekend. I suppose I will have to find an interesting book to read or surf something special on the internet.

By next weekend I may only have a few days left in Gongyi before I leave to Panjin. Daniel could not believe how good your English is. I am a happy person to have been with you. But maybe we have run out of fresh things to do. Do you want to be with me again?

You were talking about setting up your business, I could help you do FaceBook from Vietnam and help you with your English. We could climb the mountain together or go to the island in Luoyang, or swim at the spa. Your wish is my command!
Please reply asap.
Huggs Lloyd

Subject: I like walking

Dear Lloyd,
If you'll leave to Panjin soon, I don't think it's worth to spend too much time to do the cleaning in your apartment. Just relax.

I don't like Gongyi, because it's a poor tiny county but everything there was so expensive, and it's too hot to travel.

I've got lots of things to do and I kept postphoning them. I can't do that again. I've got to go to get the key of the new apartment but it's so hot outside that I don't go. I'm not in mood to do things right now. I might go shopping and get a foot massage instead.

See you next weekend. Wish it'd be a good day for hiking.

Btw, what did you do on weekends before you met me then?

Subject: two classes on wednesday

Dear Dad
Today Wednesday I had two classes. This is exam time.

I checked with my new college if my passport had arrived. I got a text message back ‹not yet›.

I spent the evening reading the autobiography of Mark Twain.
He has a lot of dross within the gold.
Love from Lloyd

16 June

Subject: passport arrives in Panjin

Dear Dad,
Today I had one class. I spent the afternoon reading the Twain autobiography. I checked with the business street post office and was told that the couriered passport had arrived at the new college in Panjin.

In the evening I attended the foreign teachers meeting with Jessie and Julie. I found out I can leave the college after I have handed in the completed exam marking. That should be Monday June 27.

I have sent a text to the new school asking will my new college apartment be ready by June 28. If so, that day I will take the train to Panjin.

My final payment and air ticket to Hanoi should be paid to me before I leave ChengGong.
I would have preferred to have stayed in ChengGong even though the other college seems so much better.

From this Saturday I will switch to a diary and one email to you each Friday. That will save a lot of paper.
Love from Lloyd

17 June

Subject: looking forward to the hiking

Dear Ami
I am thinking of my darling and am going to miss her this weekend.

It seems I will be spending more time in Gongyi before I depart for Panchin. I hope at last you have the key of the new apartment.

I am looking forward to the hiking next weekend.
Huggs Lloyd

Subject: three classes for exams

Dear Dad,
Today I had three classes for exams. It got me quite tired.

I got, during one class, a text message that my passport has now arrived at my new college. I rang up the college in the afternoon.

The college will arrange a time when I take the train to it. They will set me up in a hotel if my apartment is not ready.

In the evening I went to the cafe down the road and had a salad and a few beers.
Love from Lloyd

18 June

Subject: Tell me more about Ami

Dear Lloyd
Thank you for your emails which I received again at Paul & Dawn's apartment.
Dawn is typing this reply.

Tell me more about Ami, is she a pleasant person?

I think I know your problem with Daniel – knowing how caustic you can be about anything American. After all America is his own country and he is very loyal to his own country.

I am not so well now. I had another fall in Paul's bathroom today, no damage but a big bruise.

Did I tell you that Beverley has left me for a permanent job at Columbine? After all if I died tomorrow she would be out of a job if she still worked for me.

I had Brenda here a few days ago and she put in a spring garden for me and it has rained continually since so the plants look very colourful and healthy.

We haven't had any recent news of Mary but assume they are okay.

Subject: a quiet Saturday

Dear Dad
Ami is a lovely person. I will try to send photographs of her for next week.
I don't really have a problem with Daniel. I had dinner with him at the down road cafe this evening.

I had a quiet Saturday. Ami wanted a weekend off. I did my washing. I had a dinner and a drink at Good Coffee restaurant and got my groceries at the supermarket.

In the evening, I found an email from Dung from Hanoi. She had contacted the Vice President of the international section of her university. She said he was very happy with my qualifications and to email him for a one-year contract.

I will email him for fill-in positions before September and a position after June next year.

I sent an email to Mary.
Love from Lloyd

Subject: the right-wing economic agenda

Hi Mary,
I have just got an email from Dad that Gisborne has not heard from you recently. No news is good news but I imagine that monster Mr Earthquake has a lot to do with it.
Naturally they want a letter soon.

I got an email yesterday from people interested in me teaching in Hanoi until my new college starts in September. That would be great. I get an end of year contract bonus air ticket which I should be able to use to go to Hanoi.

I would love a quiet sedate life but as a white male am treated always as a disposable machine.
When I put out my book, Why Johnny Chan Can't Read, I am going to have my revenge. It will start from that old sow, Charmaine Pountney.

I don't know whether you know, when I threatened Internal Affairs in Wellington that I would report their disgusting treatment of my passport on my website, they couriered it to China that morning. They were going to hold it for another two weeks which would have been catastrophic.

Reports, coming into me from New Zealand, indicate that the earthquakes are going to be used to enforce the right-wing economic agenda. The Dimonds actually produce a real product. So I am on your side.

In Greece now there is really an uprising. The msm of course call it riots. The public are pushed out on economic decision making, and then are told they can't enforce their will because they live in a democracy!

A documentary called Debtocracy is now going viral on the internet. It is made in Greece and is available with English subtitles. It shows how Ecuador, under an economist President, simply rolled over the public debt because the public did not benefit and were not consulted on its terms.

Ecuador is now prospering. A similar tactic was done in Malaysia. Anyway, Greece invented democracy.

I wish their latest uprising good luck.

19 June

Subject: a very quiet Sunday

Dear Dad
I had a very quiet Sunday. I spent the day doing some house cleaning and reading Mark Twain's autobiography.

He mentions how he took the travel around the world with his book readings in 1895. That must have been the time your father saw him in Palmerston North. The book is very good in parts.

I got an email from Sotsy from Laos that relieved an otherwise dull day. She appears to be doing business training in Thailand.
Love from Lloyd

20 June

Subject: the state of pens in china

Dear Dad
Today Monday I had one morning class. When I completed it, I completed the final marking of that class. I was driven into fury again at the state of China's pens. Finally I purchased a box fill to get by.

After lunch I completed the Twain autobiography. I discovered he did his reading tour around the world in 1895. That was the year he spent several months in New Zealand. Your father must have been a very recent arrival in New Zealand. He went with his wife and his daughter Clara.

Then I started the online read of his 1871 semi-autobiography Roughing It. He with his brother are now on their way in 1861 to seek their fortune in the new Territory of Nevada.

I got an email in the evening from an Australian teacher in Hanoi. She has passed on my information to a Hanoi language school. I also got a non-committal correspondence from Dung's University College in Hanoi.

No word today from my new College in Panjin. The last I heard the College was sending on my passport to the Panjin Immigration Office.

I continued reading the lives of the English Kings. King Henry Ⅵ has founded Eton College as a school for poor boy scholars. Later it is appropriated by the rich as they eventually appropriate all good things for themselves.

I am enjoying the uprising in Greece. I sent a posting to the NZ Herald that the Greeks are overthrowing their latest tyrant. But I could not get it posted.

Perhaps just as well.
Love from Lloyd

21 June

Subject: i am listed as irish

Dear Dad
Today Tuesday I had two classes where I finished off their exams. I completed the marking for the Tuesday morning class in the afternoon.

I got a text message from my Panjin College asking for my address so they could return my passport. I went to the printers shop and arranged my address be sent to the college in Chinese. I got a thanks reply.
I also got an email from Helen.

Panjin College is confused that my letter of release has a different passport number and I am listed as Irish. I explained as best I could that I had a new passport issued and the Irish title was a mistake by the medical laboratory.
My time at the printers office gave me an excuse to have a light dinner and beers at the near by cafe.

I read online more of the history of English Monarchs. I am now in the Tudor era. The English are starting to show that famous English coldness.

I read the fourth chapter of Twain's Roughing It. The stage coaches in the early 1860s had a practice of throwing away cumbersome mail for the Indians to read.
That was their in-house joke.

Daniel is complaining that I won't let him join Ami and myself on our excursions. He even wanted to join our spa.
But I said I didn't want to see him naked.

I had got a Monday night email from Dung from Hanoi wishing me good luck.
Love from Lloyd

22 June

Subject: your IQ

Hi, Lloyd,
Have you ever tested your IQ?

I almost get the key of the apartment. I think I'll wait till next week. The stupid guys in the real estate.

Have you booked your tickets for Vietnam? When will you leave?

A friend of mine wanna run more English trainning lessons during the summer and she wanna find a native speaker to be a partner.
I wonder if you wanna to work with her.

Subject: I have acquired my knowledge from books

Dear Ami
I have had my IQ tested and it is above average but not remarkable. The knowledge I have I have acquired from books.

I don't know when I will be leaving. My College is under the contract required to give me an air ticket. My passport is being returned by the Panjin College. I have received no further word when they want me. My work visa runs out on 9 July.

Your friend sounds most interesting. Maybe you could give me her email address. Maybe I could live in your new apartment as a security officer!

I am looking forward to being with you this weekend.
Daniel says he has found a real neat restaurant where we could meet with him and his wife Dawn.

Subject: looking forward to meeting you

Dear Ami
I am looking forward to meeting you Sat. evening after your work day. Or if you would prefer, I will meet you on Sunday.

You might like to spend time in Gongy on Sunday. My apartment is now a lot nicer. Daniel and Dawn his wife want to meet you again.

It would be nice to live in the Tianli apartment. But I think FengFeng wants it for her own business. I would ask her anyway.

I will be finishing my classes at the end of this week. I am also marking oral exams.
I would like to meet your friend when I am in Luoyang.


Subject: you can't stay in the new apartment

I'm sorry to say that I have to work on Sat. afternoon and Sun. morning, and it's supposed to raining for the last 4 days and it's not good for hiking.

I'll talk to my co-worker if he will change one shift with me, that's I work on Sat. for whole day and he take the Sun. morning shift. If yes, I'll be free on Sun.

I'm afraid you can't stay in the new apartment, because there's no doors, no toilet no water no electricity, it's empty and it's nothing there. Why don't you call Pengpeng and stay in the apartment in Tianli?

I don't have her e-mail add. I can introduce you to her when we meet.


Subject: two classes today

Dear Dad
Today Wednesday I had two classes. I showed the documentary Food Inc about corporate control of American food and subsequent poisoning of environment and national health.

Unfortunately the subtitles did not go through, so in the evening I borrowed from Daniel the 1962 movie To Kill A Mocking Bird.

I have been laid low with a head cold and had a rest this afternoon. I read a chapter of Roughing It by Mark Twain online.
Love from Lloyd

23 June

Subject: one class today

Dear Dad
Today Thursday I had one class. I showed the movie Kill A Mocking Bird. The students showed no desire to keep the movie running after the end of class. So we did not complete it.

I completed one more exam marking of a class, read another chapter of Twain's Roughing It online, and got a text message from Panjin College that my passport is on its way to ChengGong.

In the evening Daniel invited me for drinks at the Italian style cafe. We talked about history and the world's problems. As we returned to the college, I quoted you that I would have been allowed to do an M.A. if I had walked around Otago University in a Rabbi Hasidic costume and waved a tattooed arm at the administration.
Loive from Lloyd

24 June

Subject: three classes today

Dear Dad
Today Friday I had three classes. I gave exam marks in my first two classes. In the third class I showed the movie Kill A Mocking Bird.

In the afternoon I went to the college clinic and had my ears washed out. I had asked Daniel's wife Dawn to write a message Wash Out Ears. If I had asked Jackson to help me he would have come to the clinic and watched the treatment.

In the evening I went with the other teachers to the fishing village and had a meal and drinks on a restaurant boat.
Love from Lloyd

Subject: Hope all is well

Dear Ami
I have just finished my classes and will be going out to have an end-of-term dinner with the other teachers.

I haven't heard from you for a few days and hope all is well.

What time would you like to meet me this weekend?
Huggs Lloyd

Subject: Birth of baby

Hi, Lloyd
I just come back from the women's hospital. A friend of mine gave birth to a baby and her parents are far away and her husband can't take care of the two at the same time so I gave a help.
The baby boy is so cute.

I have to work in the afternoon tomorrow (Saturday) and in the mornng the day after tomorrow (Sunday) and then I suppose to go back to the hospital to take care of my friend and her baby after work.

But if you come to visit on Sunday afternoon, I'll tell my friend I'll come on Monday.
Exausted Ami

25 June

Subject: Exhausted Ami

Dear exhausted Ami
I now no longer have classes. Would you like me to come over on Sunday evening after you visit your friend in hospital? We could have a nice night over at a spa and a massage.

After that we could decide what to do in the time left before I go to Panjin.

I still don't know the day of my departure to Panjin.
Love from Lloyd

Subject: a quiet day

Dear Dad,
Today I had a quiet day. I had breakfast at Good Coffee restaurant.

I read a chapter of Roughing It. I also read through Twain's travel across the equator in 1895 to repay his debts. He mentions his passing through Palmerston North. He also mentions watching a travelling theatre troupe boarding the boat outside Gisborne harbour.

In the evening I had dinner and drinks with Daniel at the cafe down the road.
I missed your Saturday email.

26 June

Subject: See you on Wednesday

Dear Ami
I'll see you on Wednesday. Can you give a time you can meet me at the station?

As you are free on Thursday, maybe we could spend the Wednesday night at the spa with the swimming pool.

On Thursday we could go to ChengGong and have dinner with Daniel and wife Dawn.
Looking forward to it.
Huggs Lloyd

Sent via the NZ Herald Website: Chinatown idea misses point

In order to live and work in China, I have an annual medic including testing my blood. Will the Chinese Government in a hundred years time apologise to my family for this "racism"?
No of course not.

The Chinese were restricted entry into New Zealand because they were Chinese subjects not British subjects. Once in New Zealand, they were under the protection of New Zealand law. True, the people of New Zealand were not angels.

But nothing ever happened comparable to the Boxer rebellion.

27 June

Subject: Our anti-Chinese attitude

Hello Lloyd,
Perhaps you should read some NZ history. Our anti-Chinese attitudes were proudly spoken. It came from the top down, with Dick Seddon a rabid campaigner for poll taxes etc.


Brian Rudman
NZ Herald

Subject: Chinese culture in the nineteenth century

Hello Brian
I think it is a mistake to apologise for historical attitudes in the past instead of having the courage and self-pride to defend one's own history. Lose your history you lose your country. That is now happening in New Zealand. Read Mat McCarten most recent Herald column.

Chinese culture in the nineteenth century was exceedingly backward, dirty and drug infested. The New Zealand statesmen had every reason to view Chinese immigration hostilely. Anything they did or said was certainly an improvement on the Empress Dowager who ordered the extermination of all westerners in China in the Boxer rebellion. The Chinese people know nothing about this. My Chinese girl friend was however taught at school that Hitler would have killed her because she is short!

If that happens to an individual's knowledge of his own past, it is called a pathological disease, Alzheimer's.

I tried to send a comment to Herald Opinion that the uprising in Greece is the latest uprising by the Greek nation against their tyrant, in this case a foreign one. It happens in Greece because they remember that Athens overthrew their tyrant and established the first democracy in 510 BC. I hope that would set a world-wide revolution in the world.

Through malfunction or design I now can't get posting to the Herald Opinion from China.

Subject: my passport has arrived

Dear Dad
Today Monday, I completed another three classes' marking schedule. I read an online chapter of Travelling Across The Equator and Roughing It by Twain.

In the evening I went down the road with Daniel for drinks.
My passport has arrived and is back in the apartment.

My new college rang and tentative arrangements have been made that I take the train to Panjin this Monday.
Love from Lloyd

28 June

Subject: Don't like Gongyi

Hi, Lloyd,
I'm sorry to tell you that I can't meet you tomorrow, because my aunty from Yanshi came to visit me today and she'll stay with me for two or three days.

We havn't seen each other for almost one year.

I don't think I'll go back to Gongyi again , because I don't like that city at all.

Subject: a train ticket for panjin

Dear Dad
Today Tuesday I completed one more class marking schedule. Then I went to Good Coffee restaurant and had a pizza and a iced coffee and a drink.

Then I came home and read online chapters of Roughing It and Following the Equator. I missed going out for dinner as I felt a bit queasy.

I arranged a train ticket for Panjin for next Tuesday. The college emailed I will be staying in the college dormitory until the new semester when the college will pay for an apartment.
Love from Lloyd

29 June

Subject: a ticket for Hanoi

Dear Dad
Today Wednesday I completed one more class marking schedule.

I got a telephone call from Jessie. ChengGong will provide a ticket on eighteen July for Hanoi.

I read a chapter of Roughing It and Following the Equator.
In the evening I went to a special place with Daniel up a hill and we had dinner and drinks.
Love from Lloyd

30 June

Subject: the college paid my final salary

Dear Dad
Today Thursday, I completed my marking of the exam papers and handed them in in the office. In return the college paid me my final salary and some holiday pay.

I read a chapter of Roughing It. In the evening I went down the road and had dinner and a few drinks.
Love from Lloyd