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april 2011

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1 Apr

Subject: Good luck wih your letter

Dear Lloyd,
The suspense is terrible. I know why you find sleeping difficult. Even I suffer for you.

I had a letter from Scott too, this morning. He was bubbling over with joy, as he was reporting on the visit of his three daughters to Wellington. He described his girls as bouncing off the walls. He had a whole plan of action organised starting off with Te Papa where he and Elizabeth spent four hours but the other two girls were soon bored and went off to surf the shops.

It was Laura's birthday (18) and she had some birthday cheques. Scott said that when she went out that night with her uni friends she looked beautiful so no doubt she had spent well!

Ten year old Elizabeth is the intellectual one and just loved Te Papa.

Love and best wishes for your letter,
From Dad

Subject: nuclear accidents in Japan worse than Chernobyl

Dear Dad
I went to the printers down the road and printed some googled Zhengzhou addresses. Unfortunately I really broke my rule of not drinking alcohol before the next day classes.

I had a special class today to make up for the three days' holiday. I went to a nice place down the road with swinging chairs. Unfortunately the proprietor offered me a bottle of spirits. The effect was stronger than the taste. That night I was ill and actually threw up outside my bed. It is good at my age I still can't hold my liquor.

I think you are getting yourself in a tizz about the contract renewal. As a teacher when I am good I am very very good but when I am bad I am horrid. The present employment structures and rewarded teaching methods do not suit me. I suppose in a way I am a peripatetic (travelling teacher). As far as I can see I will be renewing my contract. But I have had these nasty surprises before.

I read online that ChengGong is advertising for eighteen college teachers. That seems to be all our foreign teachers' jobs. I heard from listening to Scott how institutions plot the dismissal of employees and then bad-mouth them. That's why he got no public sympathy when Tristyn left him.

Several days ago I had proposed that the students in the cartoon class might choose to draw a cartoon about the movie King's Speech and talk about that for homework. Only one student did that. She drew George Ⅵ talking on the microphone. That gave me the opportunity to talk about the German appearance and background of the British Royal family. That led to a talk about the German notion then of racial superiority, the ubervolk. It is falsely translated as the master race. It should mean super people as used in the Shaw play Man and Superman. Each time I showed the movie I dropped in a little drop of revisionism. I am tired of Hollywood lies.

This morning I had my class that I have normally on Monday. Their text book actually covered the subjunctive uses. It called the transference of verbs to different times 'the backshift'. So I was able to explain it more effectively. For example I wish he were here means present time. I assigned as homework they use an if and would form or make a one-sentence wish.

I read in today's online NZ Herald that an anti-nuclear campaigner, a scientist, is saying the nuclear accidents in Japan are many times worse than Chernobyl. That is the first admission. I thought you were being alarmist. Unfortunately you seems you are right. I am glad now I am not in the northern hemisphere which is now covered by a nuclear cloud.

I had a shocking dream two nights ago that the entire world had had a nuclear catastrophe and all the great cities had been destroyed. It was very disturbing. I think that is why the media have fudged about Japan and are only admitting it via the usual suspects ie political agitators. I read in the Charles Ⅰ biography that the word agitator came from a popular mispronunciation of adjutants which were the titles of the officers in Cromwell's army.

A Bad Dream

I am now going to Zhengzhou.
Sissy sent me the train time-table. That is where women can be so useful!
Love from Lloyd

4 Apr

Subject: Monday's letter

Dear Lloyd
Tell me more about Sissy and about Zhengzhou. Is it a city of importance and will I find it on the map? Chinese cities change their names so frequently.

This weekend is change of time from Summer time to N.Z, Standard time. I recall when summer time was introduced though it was known then as Sidey Time after the MP who introduced into Parliament.

The farming community generally hated it especially those who had to start an hour earlier on a dark morning. In today's case I couldn't fathom out whether I was Arthur or Martha.

My home help arrived on time but I couldn't catch up all day.
I will be getting some more talking books tomorrow. I seem to be managing the c.d. player. Mum never really mastered it.
Love and best wishes from Dad

5 Apr

Subject: "a honey trap"

Dear Dad,
Today was a quiet day. It was a holiday. I went into town to Good Coffee restaurant. Then I went to the supermarket and bought the week's groceries. I returned home and read a chapter of Charles Ⅰ. I finished my poetry book and surfed the net.

Sissy is a very clever young woman. She is a member of the Party which she makes use of to promote her health – so she says.

As she turned up rather mysteriously looking for me, the thought has just crossed my mind the Party is out to recruit me. My political opinions might have been reported back to them! They could not be more pleasing. They call it "a honey trap". Well if true that will certainly keep me employed at the College for the next year.

Possibly it is all Sissys idea and she has not reported it to the Party unless she can make use of it.

Zhengzhou may appear on western maps as Zhangzhou. It is a major city of perhaps seven million. A dull place but Sissy showed me the best parts.
Love from Lloyd

Subject: Your today's mail

Dear Lloyd,
Thank you for your letter. You certainly keep well employed with your domestic choirs.

When I go to the supermarket Beverley drives me there in our Echo. She takes the list and I follow pushing the trolley which am happy to do as long as she does the shopping. My opinion is occasionally asked for but she knows the running of the kitchen better than I do.

Beverley has just left. We had morning coffee. Then she went on her way home to do her own housework.

I had the physio people from the hospital here yesterday. They were concerned that I had no kitchen stool and one arrived at my door that afternoon. Also my bathroom shower stool was not adequate and had to be changed. The authorities are keen that I should be comfortable in my own home rather than I should be institutionalised in a Rest Home.

That is how they treat all vets. Having seen a few Rest Homes I agree. Leighton House told me that when I visited with Becky.

We have had no word from Paul since he left for Cuba 6 weeks ago. I think Castro will have him in his army! He is due home May 13.
Love and best wishes from Dad

Subject: The new philosophy in medicine

Dear Dad
I actually employ the two little girls of Courtney to do my chores. They come each Thursday.

The new philosophy in medicine is to encourage living in the community. That is great when it works and it seems to be doing you fine.

Cuba I suspect has no internet services. The Castro brothers keep a tight reign. The American corporate interests are waiting to pounce on Cuba once Castro dies. His legend keeps him popular.

It will be interesting to gauge Paul's opinion. Once Communist or ex-Communist countries opened up for visitors, people find out how much they have been lied to or at least how much has been distorted.

As Daniel says it is the Communist countries who follow the Western Platonic ideas rather than capitalism.

Today I had a quiet day as it was a holiday. I read a chapter of Charles Ⅰ and surfed the internet. Charles has "escaped" to the Isle of Wight. Cromwell has broken his allegiance to him after a letter of his, its contents contested, was intercepted.

Charles still keeps his magico kingly powers but is now imprisoned in Wight.
Love from Lloyd

6 Apr

Subject: Wednesday's letter

Dear Lloyd,
Thank you for your letter. Who is Courtney and how old are the little girls?

Last night's TV news contained a report of a middle-aged man who was assaulted in a supermarket by two 13 year old girls in Auckland Grammar school uniforms.
The police were called and the Principal, supported by his Board of Governors, was big and brave and has suspended the girls and for once is proud of it.
Perhaps the wheel is turning. The child is no longer always right.

Regarding Cuba. Uncle Harold, a card carrying Communist most of his adult life, when living in the Netherlands could have visited Russia but refused to go on the grounds that he didn't trust them. He had read too many books by intelligent people who didn't lie about their experiences or distort the facts. Castro could have plunged the West into a nuclear war. He is not to be trusted.

It is a beautiful autumn morning but rather chilly. Beverley is putting my washing on the line. The weather looks so settled.

Becky has her school inspectors visiting and is feeling a bit jittery but she needn't bother for she is a natural and will come through with flying colours.
Love from Dad

Subject: It is cold here too

Dear Dad
Courtney is an ESL teacher from America. She used to own a plumbing company. The two little girls who are adopted Chinese are about twelve and eight.

I know about that shocking assault. The media have spread the common perception that these assaults can be recovered almost immediately. The reality is even the less serious attacks leave life-long symptoms. These violent attacks by girls is a new sinister element in society.

Russia has always been a horrible place. I should know. Actually America had, and still does have, Cuba in a trade blockade. But they call it sanctions. If they had left communist countries alone they would have naturally developed into the mixed economies that has shown to happen.

I thought school inspectors had been eliminated. Perhaps Becky's are special-needs inspectors. The more things change…

I had two classes today. Three students in one class did not return after class break-time. I marked their absence and remarked as this lesson was preparation for next week's internal marks test they will now be disadvantaged. They might now take it out on me at my student class assessment this week.

In the evening I surfed the internet and read a chapter of Charles Ⅰ. He is now being held a prisoner in the Isle of Wight. The Island Governor is seeking money from the Parliament to support his royal presence.

On June 4 ten years ago I departed after saying goodbye to you and Mum from Auckland airport to Korea.
Love from Lloyd

7 Apr

Subject: an old Chinese man

Dear Dad,
I had one class today. When I came in there was an old Chinese man sitting at a desk with Chinese language papers. He did his own work and then left at break. I tried to speak to him but he did not know a word of English. Next time that happens I am going to get an interpreter – or try to throw him out. I hope he was not a spy.

Continuing problems with the missing books from the library, now three. Jackson is going to communicate with the library head administrator. We may be able to arrange that I exchange them for three new ones from New Zealand when I return to the College from New Zealand. Maybe you could donate three books from the house collection. I have my own set in your house I could send to the College.

I am furious of course. The library says it did a full search. I am afraid in China you never leave anything unguarded, even library books in a library! It seems I asked the librarians to check in the returned books but not understanding me they left them in a public area. I have been told always watch the returned books being scanned back into the system.

I cannot take out more books until this matter is settled. I surfed the net and read two chapter of Charles Ⅰ.

Charles is secluded in a villa at the Isle of Wight and is negotiating a peace settlement. He is estranged from Cromwell. His appearance is now dilapidated but he is in tranquillity. I am setting new tests for my classes.
Love from Lloyd

Subject: Your April 7 letter

Dear Lloyd,
Thank you for your letter. Hugh McLeod who was married to my sister chose Mao rather than Stalin and was in China during the cultural revolution I am sure he chose wisely as has been proved.

His two daughters spoke the language fluently and became accomplished ballerinas while there. It's a small world! I met the man only once and preferred him to his wife.

The NZ Herald wrote him a very good obituary when he died. He had worked there at one time. On TV last night a reporter in London described the River Thames practice for the 60 year anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's reign: procession of watercraft, the biggest collection of craft for 300 years since Charles Ⅱ time.

I have just finished a talking book of Pepys diary in which he describes that very collection of water craft. How extraordinary Pepys became quite lyrical!
Love from Dad

8 Apr

Subject: Another earthquake in Japan

Dear Lloyd,
This is getting serious. However it was at night when all good Christians would be in bed and there were no casualties. The Rim of Fire seems to be getting very active. Wellington is due for a big one which would create havoc if it occurred during a work day.

I can hear Beverley outside my door with the cleaner. I had my washer lady here this morning at 7am. She is a kind lady employed by the Hospital, 7 hours a week with me. I shower in the bathroom while she makes my bed and then discreetly wrapped in a towel I call out and she towels me and then helps me dress. Here she is very helpful and I am very thankful. The hospital authorities believe I can't cope by myself in the morning and insist on a washer each morning.

 I was thinking about the wisdom of your employment of a 12 year old. I recall Doug Olsen, a very wise and intelligent Deputy Principal at Lytton, once saying, don't be alone in a classroom with a teenage girl and never with two. Those were the early days of the women's movement.

Remember Peter Ellis. Of course the kids made up the stories coached by those horrible women and Peter suffered 8 years in jail. Maybe their Movement is not so belligerent in China but it pays to be wary of it.

Wouldn't it be better to employ a woman on a regular basis? It would be safer.
Best wishes and love from Dad

Subject: reports of deaths in Japan

Dear Dad
There are now reports of deaths in Japan from the latest earthquake. Japan does not have many practising Christians. It had two large christian communities in the two cities destroyed by the atomic attacks. Some think that is not a coincidence.

I think it is a good idea you accept all the free care that is offered.
Don't worry about the little girls. Their mother knows all about it. She is very sensible. Ana, the older one, comes in while I am at class. I give her the key and her wage early in the morning.
When I return she is finished.

Because of the language difficulty I can't arrange easily professional services. The Courtney girls clean several teachers' apartments including Jerry's .

The issue of the ritualistic abuse in child-care centres is not so clear-cut. But I am sure Peter Ellis is completely innocent.
The case was a blow-back from U.S. where there seem to have been genuine cases. The media mock it all because it is covering up powerful people. America is satanic.

I had three classes today. This evening I went to have dinner down the road and bought a bottle of their tea-like beer.
Some of my students there insisted on paying for it.
Love from Lloyd

9 Apr

Subject: Home help

Dear Lloyd,
I'm having a bad morning. First my computer wouldn't compute and then my c.d. player wouldn't play and my talking books won't talk. Altogether Í'm feeling rather grumpy.

I had my bathing lady here this morning. She clashed with my regular home-help Debbie but they are old friends and the meeting went down very well. They are both pleasant women and get on well together.

I also had a letter from Mary who I think is missing Michaela who has gone to Melbourne to further her musical career. She declined my invitation to Gisborne for Xmas for which I am sad.
I have no idea where Paul and Dawn are.

I would hate to be alone at Xmas time.
Love and best wishes from Dad

10 Apr

Subject: ten years ago I departed Auckland

Dear Dad
I had a quiet day today. I went to Good Coffee restaurant for lunch. I went to the supermarket and bought groceries including a towel and casual trousers.

When I returned to the College, I completed the online Disraeli biography of Charles Ⅰ. Charles has his head chopped off and acts with the coolness only the upper-class English are capable of.

I keep forgetting to tell you that ten years ago on April 4 I first departed from Auckland to South Korea.

Christmas is a long way away. I don't think you should be thinking about that as yet.
Love from Lloyd

Subject: Your letter received

Dear Lloyd,
Yes, Xmas is along way ahead, but to get a reasonably priced Air N Z fare at Xmas time one has to book and pay the fare months ahead. There can be a differance of $100. It's a crazy scheme but travellers seek the "cheap fares" and Air N Z profits by it. With this policy they fill empty seats.

I have just seen a History programme on the reign of Charles Ⅰ.
You would have loved it.
Love and best wishes from Dad

Subject: Your letter received

Dear Dad
It would be much better if there were standard prices instead of these wild fluctuations. Some people however enjoy getting a bargain. Expenses in New Zealand can be outrageous compared with China.

I am glad you enjoyed the programme on the reign of Charles Ⅰ. The entire atmosphere of the seventeenth-century is so amazingly different from the eighteenth-century. Even the axe administered in capital punishment seems so barbaric.

David HumeToday I had a quiet day. I have started online on the History of England by the Scottish philosopher David Hume. It was written in the 1750s.
I have completed the Conversion to Christianity of England.

He writes so well, eruditely and lucidly.
Love from Lloyd

11 Apr

Subject: weekend visit to Shanghai

Dear Dad
I had one class today. I marked their oral homework on using the subjective case. Most girls got the backshift. Nearly all the boys didn't.

In the afternoon I booked – in Business Street and in town – train and air‑tickets for a weekend visit to Shanghai this Saturday.
Thursday and Friday are sports days. So there will be no classes.
I have a Ugandan female friend in Shanghai who has promised to show me around the sights and take me to an Irish pub.

In the evening I saw Daniel's movie talk and watched the 1919 silent movie, Broken Blossoms. Very powerful in parts.

I continue to read and enjoy the Hume History Of England. I am up to the life of Saint Dunstable. He introduced the Benedictine Order in England and dominated the Anglo-Saxon court.
Love from Lloyd

12 Apr

Subject: a thief in the library

Dear Dad
I had three classes today. The last one from 7pm to 9pm. I am now feeling tired. I had the evening one to make up for missing it last week during the tomb sweeping holiday.

Today Jackson took me to the library Dean. There are now four books missing. That is all as I have no more checked-out books. Jackson showed how I had to check in the books myself. No one had told me that at the time. The Dean said I had to submit four similar-themed books before I can have my borrowing privileges restored. As I am going to Shanghai on Saturday, I will look for a second-hand book shop. Otherwise Jackson and the Dean were quite cheerful about it.

As there were – I think – two returns of book, I think there is a thief in the library.
As I will look for four books that I would choose to read, it would not be a complete loss. I have always loved going to and purchasing second-hand books.

I hear that there is strife on the Coast as regards oil drilling. Which side are you taking? I think it is a put up job by John Key who is turning out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Love from Lloyd

14 Apr

Subject: article in Herald opinion section

I think New Zealand never recovered from losing its traditional link to the British Empire. It has had a shrivelling affect like a national political form of AIDS.

Human societies crave for a special spirituality and many well-meaning New Zealanders found it in "Maori culture" which is actually a hybrid of Maori cultural practices and Anglican rural life. As I have said before, maybe we have it around the wrong way – at least most of the time.

Wash Day at the Pa
Wash Day At The Pa
is perhaps closest to
Cider with Rosie.

Katherine MansfieldI did a story in the classroom, in Iraq –
"The Garden Party" by Katherine Mansfield.
I gradually came to the opinion that the pre‑industrial society living outside the Wellington garden party were practising old English funerary rites that the garden-party society had lost.
If you recall the story, the garden-party children are unexpectedly made to view the corpse and are disturbed.

Exactly the same thing happened a few years ago up North, a South African child was made to view a corpse on a Marae and was traumatised. Hone Heke's penchant for the English village was entirely natural.

My internet site Sargon Press writings are now off-line. There is someone in Beijing who is supposed to be working on fixing it. I may have to get it fixed when I am in New Zealand in July.
You might like to google esl daily goethe. That is a collection of articles I did for an ESL (English as a second language) online magazine before it went defunct.

I did one piece – Trouble Is My Business – which covers education in South Auckland. It was about Pacific Island school students. However ghastly much of their difficulties, many and their parents are trying and often succeeding. There is commentary underneath the article by a New Zealander who experienced nearly deadly dealings with a Maori high school student and her gangland Maori father.

I read somewhere that after the New Zealand wars, there was official fear the Maori would become banditti as in South Italy. That did not happen so long as they had their Church and their rural society.

I now have four days off because of College sports. I am staying in Shanghai over the weekend and been promised a visit to an Irish pub.

Subject: re: article in Herald opinion section

I was discussing exactly the issue of the New Zealand Village with someone last week. The place is too small, and academic standards have suffered. In the two and a half years since my cannibalism book was published, it has faced criticism from so‑called academics, but in all that time, not one person has yet been able to pinpoint any conclusion that is wrong.

The root of the criticism is that these academics don't like the hard truth I presented. Last week, I had a meeting with a book editor I submitted a chapter to on Maori Spirituality. The editor described it as 'shocking'. I asked her why, and she said that it might upset people. I asked her personal opinion of the piece, and she said I was 'dead right'. So a double standard applies.

I don't know if you have been following the 'boiled head' argument in which a member of our Human 'Rights' Commission criticised a Maori leader, using a Maori term that meant he should boil his head – something highly offensive in the culture. The HRC said they disciplined the woman who made the comment and she apologised to the Maori leader. Then she sent an email to the Maori leader withdrawing the apology. The HRC is now reconsidering the matter.

One of the blogs following the matter has said that the HRC has a strong anti-men focus (no surprise there) and that they are accountable to no-one. Such is the proud state of NZ government agencies at present.

Your point about the self-destructive gene in some NZers is certainly true. The Greens Party is the parliamentary embodiment of this irrational approach to life. Sadly (and this goes back to our small population problem) there is no concerted voice challenging this irrationality, and so it goes on and strengthens itself.

Some Greens have been salivating with joy at the Japanese nuclear reactor crisis – showing false grief, but with a 'I told you so' look in their faces. Ironically, the nuclear threat Japan is facing is precisely because of that country's green movement. The decades-old reactors should have been replaced with modern reactors (which would not have failed in the earthquake and tsunami). However, because no new nuclear plants can be built in Japan (as a result of Green lobbying) the old and unsafe ones are kept going.

I'm off in a few weeks to look at Heke's bones. Should be an interesting expedition.

Hone Heke

All the best

Subject: My health

Dear Lloyd,
You must have wondered why you have not heard from me for some time.
I have been to hospital having collapsed in the kitchen on Wednesday morning and taken by ambulance there. But I was discharged at 2:39 p.m.

It was all rather funny – if somewhat rather dramatic.
I had just finished my breakfast and was sitting in my chair before the T.V. when the phone rang. I leapt out of my chair as I was expecting a call and dashed across the lounge and picked up the receiver.

It was Tony Forbes, as I expected, but got no further than saying 'hello' when I collapsed on to the kitchen floor. I was in a deep faint but came through almost immediately.

Tony, at his house, thought something must be wrong so he got into his car and drove here. Fortunately the back door was unlocked so he came straight in and found me a heap on the floor. He picked me up and put me in a chair and then answered a call from Saint John's who said they would be on their way. The officers examined me and decided I should go to the A & E where the doctor examined me and could find nothing wrong.

I asked them to phone Becky but they said they needn't bother because there was Becky striding down the corridor. A friend had been driving down the street and saw them putting me in the ambulance and called Becky on her cell phone so she came up to the hospital.
Was I glad to see her!

I was instructed by the medical staff to stop taking any more blood thinners and see Murray on Friday. I have an appointment at 11:10 tomorrow.

Later I got a phone call from Scott in Wellington. Becky had sent him a text.

Love and best wishes from Dad
All the best for your holiday in Shanghai.

Subject: my contract won't be renewed

Dear Dad
You had not communicated for only four days. So I was not concerned.
I think your still-active life ironically brought this accident. I imagine you were afraid Tony would ring off because it took time for you to hear the call.

As I have sent you below my contract will not be renewed in July. When you read the letter from the college, you will see how unfair it is. I am of course expected to always grin and bear it. I am savouring up for my book on my teaching experiences and why Asia is permanently trapped in pidgin English.

I think most of the girls love my teaching even though they feel challenged. It is the big blob of malodorous boys at the back of the classroom. They are often most of the students. Despite my best efforts they are too stupid and unmotivated to grasp the English structures.

It is exacerbated that unlike the other teachers I am not focused to learn elementary Chinese. So for them it must be an alienating boring time being with me. They don't misbehave but have their revenge in their teachers' assessment.

Oddly when I see these boys I see myself at Lytton High. So I become antagonistic at them.

So I will still have the college-supplied air ticket to New Zealand in the second week of July. Then the salary stops.

Oman is keen to recruit me at the beginning of September. I think they only refund tickets, not supply them.
So I will have to start saving to pay for the ticket, which once in Oman would be immediately refunded.

I attended the first hour of sports day at the college.
It was very razzatazztazz.

Chiang Kai Shek would have loved modern China. That is often the way that the revolutionaries end up like the regime they displace. Diem would have loved modern Vietnam.

As the Indian boy said:

You are a very good teacher but you think everyone is your enemy.
Should that be surprising?

Back to an interesting life. I prefer a secure quiet life.

Oman pay about three times the Chinese salary. I might ask for a reference from the College and use it to secure a high-grade Oman college and have smart classes. That is what I succeed in.

I got the contact from the man in Beijing. He is going now to start to try to upload my Sargon Press site. He said how happy he is with my help in English for his sister. She had told him that. That is where I have the success with clever students!
But I am dragged down by the retards!

Saint Dunstan
In my previous emails I made a mistake.
The name of the English saint is Saint Dunstan.
There is a town called Dunstan in New Zealand.

If you stick your neck out these days to advance society, they don't chop it off like King Charles.
They just don't renew your contract.

Well, they can have the poison.
Love from Lloyd

Subject: working in chenggong college

Dear Lloyd,
I am glad to get your application. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to consider you for renewing the contract with our school.

My Director and Dean have thoroughly reviewed your teaching effects, they are good, but do not quite fit the position we have in mind at the present time.

We wish you well in locating the opportunity you desire in other jobs.
Jessie & Julie

Subject: Daniel cried

Dear Dad
I had three classes again today to make up for the lost class during the tomb sweeping week. The last one was between seven pm and nine pm.

Daniel lost his apartment key and cried the way American men under stress do. However he recovered by the evening. Jackson supplied him with the master key. In the meantime I gave him shelter in my apartment. We shared a Harbin beer.

There are now four days holiday. Thursday and Friday are sports days. We are expected to stay at the College.

I depart to Shanghai by train on Saturday night.
Love from Lloyd

15 Apr

Subject: mulling over my last email

Dear Dad
I imagine you are still mulling over my last email. I had some bad dreams about it last night.

There is certainly a pattern there. Yet I never have difficulty getting positions! I will just have to call myself a peripatetic teacher. So long as the positions keep coming up and it only happens once a year I can keep doing it. It just means I miss out in your life time a stable life.

Still when I think of millions of other people facing economic redundancy and burdened with families, I am still much luckier.

I went this morning to the college sports tournament. I met the students of one of my classes. Not one of my better ones. The malodorous oafs weren't there. The students there were the bright ones. They could not have been happier to see me. It was not at all sycophantic. It was their entirely natural way. They got me a chair to watch the sports and got me a bottle of water. Several chatted to me in good English.

I spent about an hour with them. Then I went to the office to collect attendance sheets. Julia and Jessie were there. As soon as they saw me they were quite tongue-tied and looked quite guilty. I showed no anger because they were only the messengers. I don't even feel anger towards the Dean. He was my guardian angel last year. Maybe he has kept me on as long as he could.

My teaching methods work well with good students, as they admitted. But it is up against the new cultural revolution damaging China, this time from the west.
Well, I am going to write my book about it. "Why Johnnie Chan Can't Read".
The Chinese and other Asian countries' acquisition of English is a scandal. They have been so long entrenched in pidgin English they are unable to move out of it.

I sent an email to the employment agency in Oman. I want to know about travel issues and renew their interest.

Ana came to my apartment. She worked for about an hour then did a walk-out. Her mother backed her of course.

I prepared the first exam paper for Monday morning. Next week will be exam week.

I will be going into town now to take the Shanghai train. I will have some food and coffee first at Good Coffee. You may not receive another email until Monday.

I said to Jerry:

"I will not be renewing contract.
I will instead be taking up a college position in Oman."

He was greatly enthused.
Love from Lloyd

18 Apr

Subject: a quick message at four in the morning

Dear Dad
Just a quick message at four in the morning China time, that I have arrived back in my apartment. Unfortunately minus my glasses. I seem to have a habit of losing them on vacations. I have a spare pair but they are not suitable as a first pair.

It was a fun time in Shanghai. I was able to enjoy western food and drink. I found a book shop and purchased four books to replace in the library.
Two are by Bryson, one has a global historical perspective.
The fourth is an American book titled 'The Korean War'. Its perspective is however more Communist, based on release of new files and opening of mass graves in South Korea.
It will be interesting to see the library reaction to that book.

I have been chewing over the decline of my application for new contract. It is insane and goes against the ethos of the Communist Party. Instead, this is the American poison at work, brought into China.

Next week after the exams I am going to have a word with Sissy. I met her at the College sports and she is keen for another lesson. She is a very enterprising young woman who said she learnt things from my lessons she had never had before.
More important she is in the youth element of the Communist Party which actively works in the College.

I am going to see if she will, in the interests of professional English advancement in China, take this matter up with the Party. This is how things work in China. I am happy to have an Omani salary. But of course I don't want another upheaval. Also there is a principle involved.

My Ugandan friend Daisy said in Shanghai that the African community in Shanghai speak English much better than the Chinese.
I said that was because it was drummed into their grandparents at school by the British colonial governments.
Love from Lloyd

Subject: Korean war book was first declined

Dear Dad
I had my one class today in the morning. I only had my spare glasses which are not suitable for class work. I managed to get through the internal exam and had some minutes to spare.

Nearly all that class's students can do the back shift, and most know what verbs of senses are.

I met the Chinese student Dawn in the library who had supplied me with slippers.
She became very useful to me as my interpreter. The librarians, as is common, are mostly almost completely lacking in English. This after years and years of daily English practice.

As I expected my Korean war book was first declined. I had to talk fast that the book, despite being an American book, takes the Chinese side.
They finally accepted it. They told me next week they will be available on the shelves. As far as I can see my borrowing privileges have been restored.

Then I went with Dawn to business street. I purchased some summer sandals. Then we went to an optician in business street. With Dawn as interpreter I was able to have an eye examination by the young man. He said new glasses will be available on Wednesday.

Then I returned to the apartment and continued reading Hume's History of England.
William the Conqueror is just beginning to put the screws on the Anglo-Saxons. You could call William a neocon.

I trust your heath is not too bad. I have been waiting for some days for an email.
Love from Lloyd

19 Apr

Subject: completed two classes today

Dear Dad
I completed two classes today. I prepared today the exam for the intermediary classes. The standard today for the intermediary class I felt was rather generally poor. I am always afraid to focus on the grammar in case I get crushed by the administration. It is a ridiculous situation.

I went in the afternoon into town and bought yogurt and oranges.

I went in the evening to the library and got out the Columbia History of English Literature. It is a sizable book.
I read more of the online Hume History of England. A lot of this early history I can relate to.

William The Conqueror is living up to his name The Bastard.

William The Conqueror

I have wondered if the etymology of bastard means a mixed race between Norman conquerors and the natives.

The English language is actually a Creole language.
King William ordered all schools to be instructed in French.
Here lies the origins of French as the elite language in England.

Now to my bed.
Love from Lloyd

20 Apr

Subject: Here again

Dear Lloyd,
I have your letter of the 19th. Thank you very much.

I am glad you could make a friend of Dawn. It is very difficult without an interpreter and much easier with one.

I have not been at all well this last week. It all started off with constipation so I went to the doctor and he prescribed a liquid to get things moving but after one dose I had terrible diarrhoea.

In one day I had three changes of clothes and three showers and nothing to eat. It has stopped now but I feel as weak as a kitten.

I went with Beverley to the supermarket, returned home, had a coffee, and am now doing my best – but I find using the computer quite difficult as my sight is not good.

It is interesting that you have been to a Chinese optician. I wonder how much he will charge for your test. To walk in the door of an optician in N.Z. is $40. They are modern day robbers!

I will take thing easy today.
Love and best wishes from Dad

Subject: sorry to hear of your problems

Dear Dad
I am so sorry to hear of your health problems. I trust there has now been much improvement. Your emails are very accurate and in good condition.

Today I had two classes and did the mid-term exams.

I got an email from Sissy's brother-in-law that he has tried valiantly but could not upload Sargon Press. A message to him from iServe in New Zealand said it seems to be a "timing-out problem".

I assume that means there are complications when the file transfers pass through China. It seems I will have to wait until I return to New Zealand. That is only two and a half months away. If I could find Tony Ford in Gisborne he could do it very quickly and I would pay him directly.

This evening I finished the Hume chapter on William The Conqueror.
The Anglo-Saxons originally acquiesced in his kingship because their King Harold was not from a royal dynasty and they thought this would be just another English Christian dynasty.

Instead William – just a Duke in Normandy – invaded with a small army of Normans and adventurers and then parcelled out the English land to the victors. The Norman's Christianity seemed remarkably like the Christianity of the christian evangelists today. Pay their tithes to God and He would forgive them.

The Chinese optician did not charge for the test. My new glasses seem good. It seems there was time before I adjusted to them. The cost was in total about thirty five New Zealand dollars.

That John Key is showing his real vicious qualities.
Now he is flaunting around New Zealand like he is a military president.

Now to bed with my book on English literature.
Love from Lloyd

21 Apr

Subject: purchased five expensive shirts

Dear Dad
Today I had one class in the morning. In the afternoon I rang up Dawn and she agreed to come with me to town to purchase business shirts now that spring requires us to be in shirt-sleeves. I went with her and her room mate Apple to the supermarket.

With their help I purchased five shirts. They were very expensive – but it was that or look shabby. They are lovely silk or fine cotton shirts. The girls insisted I purchase bath-oils and body cloth. I also bought a cap.

After that we went to Good Coffee Restaurant and we had, on my shout, three coffees. They are very intelligent girls. They wanted to know my travels and we talked about the state of English in China. I said China is at the bottom as regards English acquisition.

We returned to the College. Later I had time with Daniel in his apartment. He had forgotten his bag and I had to rush over to his apartment to return it.

I finished the kingship of King William, the son of William The Conqueror. He was shot dead by an arrow in the new royal hunting forest.

The Crusades have now begun.
Love from Lloyd

22 Apr

Subject: Shopping

Dear Lloyd,
How nice to be able to go shopping with such good company. They would enjoy shopping with such a handsome man.

However I think I should remind you that your bank statement arrived last night. It stands at $73 credit. You obviously have other money in a China bank account. You will need N.Z. money when you arrive in Auckland.

Today Becky and Bruce will arrive here at 11am to pick me up to take me up to Eastwood Hill. Becky wants to find her tree. She chose one like the one with the butter-coloured autumn leaves growing in our front lawn. This is the one Paul planted shortly after we arrived here. Becky will have brought a picnic lunch so I hope it remains fine. I will talk to Mum under our tree. I still miss her greatly especially when it comes to discuss family matters. Her input was tremendous.

Scott is still very busy rebuilding Christchurch classrooms. The doubling-up of classrooms as they have at present is not very successful. The prisoners are working enthusiastically. School holidays have just started. Today is Good Friday, the beginning of Easter, which I don't think China observes.

The plant shops have won their battle to remain open on the statutory holiday.
Previous years they defied the law and cheerfully paid their fines. It was a ridiculous situation.
Love and best wishes from Dad

Subject: re: Shopping

Dear Dad
I hope you had a good time at Eastwood Hill. I am looking forward to visiting there.

Today I had three classes.
After classes I went down the road and had a dinner and a few beers.
Love from Lloyd

23 Apr

Subject: Eastwood Hill visit

Dear Lloyd,
We had a great time yesterday. The Cowpers arrived promptly at 11am and we arrived at the park in time for a short exploration before lunch. It cost Bruce $60 for his party of four. It's not cheap. I had my Friends of Eastwood Hill card so got in free.

Becky roused out the battery driven motor bike for me so I drove around in style while the young folk walked. Becky really enjoyed herself looking after me and the bike and we suffered no mishap.

Then back to the headquarters with tables and benches for picnic lunch which Becky had packed. There were about 50 people in all lunching. The biggest number I have ever seen. It was Good Friday with a lot of visitors in Gisborne.
It's surprising the number of Gisborne people who have never visited the park.

After lunch we drove to the Millennium Park to visit Mum under our tree. Bruce drove his car right up to the tree and then they set out to find their tree which they found not far away from ours. Ben had his movie camera and filmed the whole event.

Later we continued along the road to the water slide which Ben wanted to film. There was a crowd there but it was too cold to slide so Ben was unable to get the film he want.
We called in to Rere Falls which put on a great display, so here Ben was lucky.

We got home about 4.30 just in time to bring in the washing before the rain.

Becky made an excellent hostess and provided a lovely picnic where I disgraced myself by choking on a chocolate Easter egg.

The family were highly amused.
Love and best wishes from Dad

Subject: re: Eastwood Hill visit

Dear Dad
I can see you had a good family outing. No doubt you have heard it many times before. Purchasing the battery driven carrier is an excellent idea. It would give you more independence and fun into the bargain.

I spent a quiet day. I read the History of England by David Hume.
King Stephen is now the new King after Henry Ⅰ, the son of William the Conqueror. Much seems the same old story of a‑fighting and a‑looting.
The common people developed an attachment to their prelates. Women without protection wore the veil as it was the only security against ravishment.

In the afternoon I went to the library and read a book on history of theatre. I cannot take any books out in the weekend. Yet in the afternoon librarians sleep beside their check-out equipment.
Very China. America has a very indolent landlord.

I got in the evening an email from Sissy. I have asked to spend time with her to discuss about next year.

I had told you – but perhaps you didn't read it – the University has declined my application for next year. It is outrageous they think they can treat me like that. Daniel said he has spoken to my students many times and he has heard nothing but positive reports.

My plan is – as Sissy is a bright flame in the local chapter of the Communist Party – to use her influence to restate my position in ChengGong College, that ChengGong College or another one in China.

While I would like to go to Oman, I would prefer to do that in September next year. I will have to save to get to Oman. Even if I don't succeed I will have the pleasure of informing the Communist Party how ChengGong College uses modern American assessment methods that push out the expert teachers, and is against Chinese culture.

Last week I completed the exams for the classes.
None of the several-hundred advanced students could correct a sentence that had the adjectives after their noun.
The modern method is putting them around in circles.

I entertain suspicions that Sissy had been sent, or came voluntarily into my life, to recruit me for work for the Party.
Having been a victim of cabals all my life, it would give me great satisfaction to join the Chinese Communist one.

I recall how the local chapter of the Communist Party tried to recruit you. The difference is the Communist Party in China still call the shots and my plan might work.

In the meantime the Oman employment agency has sent me an application attachment tonight.
Love from Lloyd

Subject: War was their defining experience

Reading carefully I detect you give no signal you believe what the vet wrote about the war.

I was born on Tarawa. When my parents made a few years ago a reference to the ‘ferocity’ of the Jap army on Tarawa, I said lightly the massacre didn't happen. Once you go through the story you should become aware it has no crediblity except for the racism and actions of the allied military tribunals. The decapitated bodies were never found. Decapitation was not a penalty metted out to enemies.

The only ‘evidence’ was one eye witness a native boy cook who ‘fainted’ after the first decapitation. The last thing we know for sure about the victims they had been imprisoned in an abandoned hospital. The entire island was levelled by the American air force. That is how they met their fate. Yet Japanese officers were executed for it. I was ordered by my vet father to say I believed it.

World War Two is unfinished business. I am not asking the Herald to post this. In the present militaristic state of New Zealand, that would be too incendary.

Subject: re: War was their defining experience

Hi Lloyd,
I think you are getting my column mixed up with an interesting story in the Sunday Star Times.

Subject: re: War was their defining experience

Hi John
I don't know anything about a Sunday Times story.

My gripe is in a world so controlled by cultural relativity, we are expected enforced by msm stigmatisation and even in cultural Marxist E.U. incarcerated to go on literally believing world war two atrocity stories.

The event I am talking about in Tarawa has a New Zealand connection. A brother of one of the New Zealanders who perished in Tarawa took part in the New Zealand massacre of Japanese soldiers in a camp in New Zealand. The massacre in New Zealand happened after and it is worth speculating it was a revenge attack.

I don't think the allies have anything to be proud about World War Two except for those who opposed it. Or any of the other wars mentioned by the Herald editorial either.

When I was in Japan I was told by a kiwi – who had lived many years there and had a Japanese family – that the older generation of Japanese say privately it was victor's justice. The younger generation don't want to know. In their cultural terms, the execution of the Japanese war leaders has transformed them into religious martyrs.


Very sensibly they will not apologise. Maybe if the allies apologised for the mass murder by incineration and radiation of millions of their citizens on Japanese soil, they might consider it.

24 Apr

Subject: the history of King Stephen

Dear Dad
I had a quiet day. I read online the history of King Stephen.

He was the grandson of William the Conqueror and son of a French Duke. He usurped the English Crown. After his death he was replaced as English King by another grandson of William the Conqueror, King Henry Ⅱ.

King Henry Ⅱ inherited the English Crown, the French territories of Stephen, and the territories of his wife Eleanor, the former wife of the King of France. That gives him kingship of a third of France.

King Henry Ⅱ and Queen Eleanor

English dominions in France are now established.
Eleanor figures in the play The Lion In Winter and was Ray Skyrme's favourite drama character.

I spent time in the public library.
Love from Lloyd

25 Apr

Subject: quite an interesting discussion

Dear Dad
Today I had one class in the morning. We had quite an interesting discussion about their history of learning English.

It confirmed what I had thought. They were taught at school English by Chinese teachers in grammar books that taught the Latin grammar rules.

I then taught them the future perfect tense. For my pains in trying to give them a language structure which the bright ones are very appreciative of, my contract is not renewed.
It is insane.

I told one of the retards at the back of the class this morning,

"I give up with you."
He won't know what I said.

Incidentally, I don't teach any grammar rules except those documented in their text books.

I had had a stomach complaint during the night so I avoided food during the day. I continued to read The History Of England.

I have now completed the murder of Thomas Becket, a hundred years after the Norman conquest.

I attended a talk on photography by a foreign teacher in the evening. Then I had a light dinner.

How was your Anzac Day?
It appears to be very close to Easter.
Love from Lloyd

26 Apr

Subject: A quiet time

Dear Lloyd
I too have had a very quiet time. All my family are out of town and I feel very alone.
Becky and Bruce are visiting Susan at Waikura Station and they are the only regular visitors.

Yesterday I had a nasty migraine which didn't improve matters.
Becky will be visiting me tomorrow to tell me all about her visit.

Paul and Dawn have just completed their drive across the U.S. and are now on a London Caribbean cruise.
They return home on the 13th.
Love from Dad

Subject: the Chinese proclivity to practise infanticide

Dear Dad
I had two classes today. In the evening I went to Jerry's apartment and he showed me how to complete the mid-term records for the Education Department.

He said the Chinese proclivity to practise infanticide on girl babies has meant a huge imbalance between the talents of boys and girls. The boys in the one-child family environment are so cosseted that most have never developed the natural living skills.

I forgot my apartment number this evening and got Jackson.
Jackson asked me if I was feeling OK. I am still recovering from the stomach bug. I had a small dinner this evening and keep away from greasies and confectionery.

I continued the online read of Hume's History of England.
Henry Ⅱ has just conquered Ireland. So rough is the place that the few English and Welsh settlers degenerate to the Irish level. Many Fitz gentry from Wales came into Ireland with the English invasion. The Fitz prefix on Irish names is now identified with the higher class of Catholic Irish.
Love from Lloyd

27 Apr

Subject: I explain the number system

Dear Dad
Our family certainly get around.
Where is John Gretton these days? The last I heard he and his wife had taken time off in Thailand.

I thought Paul was in Cuba. Then I hear this.
Is this unexpected?

I had two classes today. In the second class I explained the number system so extraordinary well that the smart ones need never stumble over large numbers again.

It is just insane they are not renewing my contract because of the disgruntlement of their retard boys. I at least do no worse with them and try as much as possible to involve them in the class.
Almost certainly there is no other teacher at the College with the expert knowledge I have of the English language and the talent to transmit that.

If the Bill Cosby teaching model was working, I would feel different – but it is not.
The Communist Party echelon may grasp this.

Sissy has agreed to meet me next Tuesday when we will have a meal at Good Coffee. That is my card, the Chinese Communist Party.

The difference between them and the modern American business model is the Party, however imperfectly, built a country, the American business model destroys countries.

There are many ChengGong colleges in China. If I can be contracted in one I will keep my salary and a return ticket to China.

This evening I have been working on my classroom records. I plan to hand them in tomorrow.
Some requirements are quite nonsensical. I am just making some of the numbers up.

They will be inspected by the Education Department in Zhengzhou and then returned.
I am sure the Education Department officials feel the same way.
I certainly hope so!
The numbers that matter are the mid-term exam results and I have them all in.

I hear you are having severe storms in the North Island. What is the weather like in Gisborne?
It is lovely and warm here.

I am greatly enjoying my new high-class shirts.
Love from Lloyd

28 Apr

Subject: a stiff whisky at Good Coffee

Dear Dad
I had one class today. After it, I finished my documentation of my class work and handed the documents to Susan in the office.

Then I went into town and had a stiff whisky at Good Coffee restaurant to recover. I also had ham sandwiches and a coconut coffee. The ham sandwiches weren't terribly nice. But it was the best western food I could find.

Then I went to the supermarket and bought two bottles of yogurt and a jar of coffee.

I hear there is a lot of fuss about the re-rise of Don Brash.
Do you see this of any significance?

He was the only politician to directly attack racial favouritism.
Love from Lloyd

29 Apr

Subject: start of the May day holiday

Dear Dad
Today I had three classes. A lot of students were absent as this is the start of the May Day holiday which will give me a one-day holiday next Monday.

After classes, I went down the road and had a meal and a few beers.
Their native beer tastes like tea.
Love from Lloyd

30 Apr

Subject: Chinese men required to wear a pony-tail

Dear Dad
In the morning I went with my young male friend from College to the shop and bought two months' supply of powder nourishment.
We had coffee and sandwiches at Good Coffee restaurant.

He had some interesting things to say about his background.
His grandparents, even though it was the communist era, had arranged marriages and his grandmother – who is still alive – has the tiny feet from the miniature shoes.

I have noticed that my female students trip their feet when they run to have their lessons. That is identified – even now – with good breeding.
No young Chinese know anything about the pony-tail that Chinese men were required to wear before the 1911 revolution.

Then I came home and continued to read the life of King Henry Ⅱ.
He was the greatest King in Christendom but all his children, and his wife Eleanor turned against him and were fighting in France and Britain to overthrow him.

You may have seen or heard about the BBC series Devil's Crown about that era of the twelfth-century.

In the evening I went down the road and had a meal and a few beers.
Love from Lloyd