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The No Girl Talk Club

The cataclysmic events that broke apart New Zealand were caused by either a clash of civilisations, random opportunistic events or market forces ...

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Look Back At Regna

This story was written in 1990. It is set in 1975 in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Susie's Story

Four English children during the Second World War discover a magic land.

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The Three Sons of Euphorion

A novel set in Attica during the Fifth & Sixth centuries B.C.

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The Widow’s Party

An explosive new scenario for the New Zealand 1970 Crewe murders and the miscarriage of justice of Arthur Allan Thomas. This true story is presented in semi-fictional and documentary form.

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An alternate final chapter to D.H. Lawrence's novel Kangaroo.

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Presbyr John Spills The Beans

Solving a two thousand year old crucifixion mystery.

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A tale of the joys and perils of life
in 21st century China.

Dear Mum and Dad,
I will be flying to a school in Harbin, in northern China. I will be given full time employment. My flight is this Friday in the early hours of the morning ...

  • Educating Mao

A radio play, set during the Second World War, that examines Lennon's parentage.

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Eddie Rex

A radio play by Lloyd Gretton.

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JB in Charge

This is a story about my life when I was a small boy. In some ways my life then has no resemblance at all to your lives as children.

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Tom Murphy

The memoir of my late brother Tom Murphy, who was among the six fatalities in the Grand Hotel fire in Petrie.

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My Infant Roots

Personal Story Book 1

A Gisborne Childhood

Personal Story Book 2

My First Adolescence

Personal Story Book 3

 Lloyd Gretton was born to New Zealand parents in Tarawa Gilbert Islands, Micronesia on 31 October 1953.
Since 2001 he has lived and taught English in many countries including Outer Mongolia and Iraq.

His writing has been praised by – among others – a Professor of English and a Customs Official. His fiction has been short-listed for book publication — but declined because of political correctness.

His articles have been published in national journals. He is famous for not being famous.

Lloyd's reviews of all his Sargon Press writings can be read on Facebook.